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Groundworks for the log cabin sauna

Righty-ho. Here's an update on our Sauna project. As usual, it's more work than we bargained for. 

Day one of Lennie and Connor.

Our good friend the cement-mixer is back.

Does my bum look big in this? I hope so, because I'm trying my hand at hodding. Never thought I'd actually manage to. According to our bricky, the best hodders are short and stout in statue ;-). Here's more about this old way of carrying bricks: Brick hod [Wikipedia]

Oh, who is this beautiful lady sitting amongst the rubble? 

The wall's almost finished. Don't tell the President. 

Steps prepared for whatever we decide will go on top.

Shower area with drain. Just to carry water away from the foundation of the wall. It'll just soak away in the garden. 

At least he's still making jokes. Must be T-o'clock. 

Rubble, rubble and more rubble going in.

Preparing the base for the log cabin s

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